Learn to read program cnc lathe machine

If you look at the structure of a program cnc, What comes to your mind? Can you know how to read the program. Here I will explain my little knowledge about the structure of the program cnc.  

N005 G97 S250 M03
N010 T0101
N015 G00 X2.875 Z.1 M08
N020 G01 Z-2.0 F.008
N025 X3.1
N030 G00 X8.0 Z3.0 M09
N035 M30

The program can we describe as follows:
  1. O0001 All Fanuc programs begin
  2. N005  N words are sequence numbers for command identification
  • Turn Spindle On
  1. G97 Turn Spindle On Select RPM mode
  2. S250 Select speed
  3. M03 Turn spindle on in forward direction
  • Index Turret
  1. N010 T0101 Turret index command selects tool station and offset
  • Move Into Position
  1. N015 G00
  2. X2.875 Approach X position
  3. Z.1 Approach Z position
  4. M08 Turn on coolant
  • Feed Along Diameter
  1. N020 G01 Select cutting mode
  2. Z-2.0Z end point
  3. F.008 Cutting feedrate
  4. Feed Up Face
  5. N025 X3.1 Ending X position
  • Move Away
  1. N030 G00 X8.0 Z3.0
  2. M09 Turn off coolant
  3. N035 M30 End of program command

Maybe that's all I can give about how to read a cnc programming, please If there is any deficiency is added.
Till we meet again with my upcoming article
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