Learn to read program cnc lathe machine

If you look at the structure of a program cnc, What comes to your mind? Can you know how to read the program. Here I will explain my little knowledge about the structure of the program cnc.  

N005 G97 S250 M03
N010 T0101
N015 G00 X2.875 Z.1 M08
N020 G01 Z-2.0 F.008
N025 X3.1
N030 G00 X8.0 Z3.0 M09
N035 M30

The program can we describe as follows:
  1. O0001 All Fanuc programs begin
  2. N005  N words are sequence numbers for command identification
  • Turn Spindle On
  1. G97 Turn Spindle On Select RPM mode
  2. S250 Select speed
  3. M03 Turn spindle on in forward direction
  • Index Turret
  1. N010 T0101 Turret index command selects tool station and offset
  • Move Into Position
  1. N015 G00
  2. X2.875 Approach X position
  3. Z.1 Approach Z position
  4. M08 Turn on coolant
  • Feed Along Diameter
  1. N020 G01 Select cutting mode
  2. Z-2.0Z end point
  3. F.008 Cutting feedrate
  4. Feed Up Face
  5. N025 X3.1 Ending X position
  • Move Away
  1. N030 G00 X8.0 Z3.0
  2. M09 Turn off coolant
  3. N035 M30 End of program command

Maybe that's all I can give about how to read a cnc programming, please If there is any deficiency is added.
Till we meet again with my upcoming article


Aznzar said...

Thank you for sharing this, I think tweeting this to friends will be interesting especially for those who share the same interests as you. Thank you.
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CNCJobs.Org.UK said...

Interesting post can you add more?

Leslie said...

Thanks for the post. I was actually searching Google for a different learn to read program, but this is really interesting. Will you tell me what CNC is?

Diamond Saw Blade said...

The blog has detailed description of cnc lathe machine..Can you give me some more details..

Anonymous said...

This is basic. BUT IS A G50 MISSING ?

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