In the MDI mode, a program consisting of up to 10 lines can be created in the same
format as normal programs and executed from the MDI panel. MDI operation is used for
simple test operations.
In order to complete this operation, follow the next procedure:
1. Press the MDI mode selection switch.
2. Press the PROG function key on the MDI panel to select the program screen.
3. Prepare a program to be executed by an operation similar to normal program editing.
M30, specified in the last block can return control to the beginning of the program
after operation ends. Word insertion, modification, deletion, word search,
address search, and program search are available for programs created in the MDI
4. To entirely erase created program in the MDI mode, use one of the following methods:
• Enter address, and then press the DELETE key on the MDI panel.
• Alternatively, press the RESET key.
5. To execute a program, set the cursor on the head of the program. Push CYCLE
START button on the operator’s panel. By this selection, the prepared program will
start. When the program end (M02, M30) or ER (%) is executed, the program will
be erased and the operation will end. By command of M30, control returns to the
head of the prepared program.
6. To stop or terminate MDI operation in midway through, follow the next steps:
• Stop MDI operation.
Press the feed hold switch on the machine operator’s panel. The feed hold LED
goes on and the cycle start LED goes off.
• Terminate MDI operation.
Press the reset key on the MDI panel. Automatic operation is terminated and the
reset state is entered. When a reset is applied during movement, movement decelerates
then stops.

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