Basic Computer Numerical Control Programming

  1. Identify the names and functions of some common parts of a computer.
  2. Identify and use correctly vocabulary related to CNC machining.
  3. Define CAD and CAM.
  4. Fill out a chart with information that a supervisor gives to a new employee.
  5. Analyze information from a line graph.
  6. Identify the main idea and supporting details by outlining and mapping a reading.
  7. Label the parts of a CNC machining center.Graphing  functions and  axis(  XYZ)
  8. Locate and plot  points in a two-axis Cartesian  coordinate system 
  9. Absolute position
  10. Incremental position
  11. Polar position
  12. Explore and understand G and M codes
  • Other addresses
  • Machining function
  • Program start definitions
  • Straight line programming using manual cutter radius comp
  • Basic M1 print (power point)
  • Programs end definition
  • Modals

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