Cnc Program Machining the square groove

Machining the square groove

N30 X.375
  • Y-.375 : tool rapids to position A.
N35 G01 Z-.125 F10
  • G01 linear interpolation.
  • Z-.125 tool feeds 
  • .125 below the work surface.
  • F10 feed rate set at 10 in./min.
N40 X1.625 Y-.375
  • X1.625 top groove cut to the right hand end.
  • Y-.375 measurement did not change because it was set in block N30.
N45 Y-1.625
  • Y-1.625 right hand side of the groove cut.
N50 X.375
  • X.375 bottom groove cut to the left side.
N55 Y-.375
  • Y-.375 left-hand side of groove cut; this completes the groove.
N60 G00 Z.100
  • G00 rapid traverse mode.
  • Z.100 tool rapids to
  • .100 above work surface. 

It's easy not to make a cnc program, the most important key is we know the basic origin for a programming

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