CNC Machine Prestart Checking Steps

Examine the oil levels. Both levels should be filled up to one inch from the bottom of the
reservoir. The spindle oil reservoir may have oil in it for up to six months. The way lube
oil reservoir may run out of oil in one week.

Visually inspect the air pressure gauge to verify that it is set to at least 80-100 PSI. Air
is used to change belt ranges in the spindle, orient the spindle, activate the tool in-out
cylinder, and it is, also, used for the air blast during a tool change. The tool changes
gauge should not exceed 120 PSI.

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Sample Milling Program for I, J & K CNC functions

Sample Milling Program for I, J & K CNC functions
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Intelligent computer numerical control unit

The new control unit for CNC machining centres - milling, drilling and operations like drilling is shown on Figure. It has the capability of learning and intelligent, automated generating of NC part programs on the bases of neural network, which is built-in into a

The neural network for milling, drilling, reaming, threading and operations like this have learned to generate NC part programs in system for learning, which is not a constituent part of a new CNC control unit, and works independent.
The new control unit then completely automatically, without any intervention of the operator, on the bases of a CAD model of a part, generate NC part programs for different products, which are designed for the production on CNC machining centres and for which previously NC part programs have not been done.
CNC control unit consists of a modified microcomputer, which includes a module for decoding and a module for manual input of commands, which are mostly of technological nature (feed rate, revolution speed, switch on/off of cooling liquid etc.). Computer includes also the internal interface, which has the function of data transmission from the NN device into the position memory.
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CNC Milling and Turning Program

CNC Milling Program
Name of program
N10 G21 G40 G49;
Metric programming, tool compensation cancel
N20 G91 G30 Z0;
Incremental programming, Return to zero position for z
N30 T02 M06;
Change tool no. 2
N40 M03 S1000;
Spindle rotates clockwise 1000RPM
N50 G43 H5 Z2.;
Tool length compensation +ve direction up to 2 mm
N60 G55 G90 G00 X0 Y0;
Working coordinate G55, Absolute programming, Tool at X=0 Y=0 position
N70 G01 Z-5. F10;
Cutting in Z-direction until it reaches z = –5mm with feed 10mm/min
N80 G01 X0 Y50. F100;
Cutting to Y-direction to Y=50 with 100mm/min
N90 Y100.;
Cutting to Y-direction Y=100
N100 X100.;
Cutting to X-direction X=100
N110 X0;
Cutting to X-direction X=0
N120 G30 Z0
Return to zero position for z

CNC Turning Program
Program name
N10 G28 U0 W0;
Go to Reference point (Machine Zero position)
N20 G92 S1200 M41 M03;
Max. spindle speed, 1200 RPM, Low gear, Spindle CW
N30 G96 S400 T0404;
Constant surface speed, 400 RPM, Tool no. 4 with tool offset no. 4
N40 G00 X2.6 Z0 M08;
Rapid positioning(without cutting) to position X=2.6, Z=0 in mm, coolant ON
N50 G01 X0.74 F0.5;
Facing process tool will move to position X=0.74 with feed 0.5mm/min
N60 G00 X3. Z5. M09;
Rapid positioning(without cutting) to position X=3, Z5 in mm, coolant OFF
N70 G28 U0 W0;
Go to Reference point (Machine Zero position)
N80 M30;
End of program
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CNC Programming Circular Interpolation

Definisi G02, G03, I, J & K
  • G02: Circular interpolation (CW)
  • G03: Circular interpolation (CCW)
  • I, J & K (Use when <=360 degree) " Incremental distance from SP to CP of arc "
  • I: Specifies the incremental ±X distance from the center of the tool at the start of the arc to the center of the arc.
  • J: Specifies the incremental ±Y distance from the center of tool at the start of the arc to the center of the arc

Circular interpolation
why R?

•R is easier to define, easier to make a mistake and get an incorrect radius.
•With R, the machine still do the work whether the R is correct or incorrect.
•With incorrect I, J & K, the machine will stop and gives an error message before executing.
•With R, to generate a circle path of over 180 degrees, then specify a negative R.
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FastCAM are early pioneers and inventors of CAD/CAM software and introduced the first interactive CNC programming and nesting system in 1982. This was a revolutionary system at the time and significant commercially because it made computing affordable for manufacturers cutting parts from steel plate.
Although the hardware and operating systems have changed dramatically the original concept is as valid today as it was back then. The original code is still running! The FastCAM® System has of course been updated to reflect current processing capabilities however the fundamental features of the system have not changed. The main needs people had then are the same. The people who operate and service the machinery need to be able to use the system with absolute ease.

FastCAM has been supplying PC-based software for Burning, Shearing and Sawing/Drilling machines for over 25 years. The flagship product FastCAM® offers unique integrated postprocessors, NC verification and NC code nesting that still sets it apart from other CAM and CAD/CAM Systems. There are currently over 40 trademarked products offering “Best Fit, Best Value” for Metal Fabricators and the new generation of FastCAM® software is used in many countries, in many languages and in many different environments.

FastCAM is located in three locations: FastCAM Inc. in Chicago, USA, FastCAM Pty. Ltd, Melbourne, Australia and FastCAM Shanghai, in China. Personnel in FastCAM Research & Development combine years of software development and database experience with a unique understanding of day-to-day business practices in fabrication. FastCAM engineers are either qualified to a PhD. Level and/or have at least ten years of software programming experience.

The best CNC Engraving machine

CNC engraving machine with ISO 25 spindles are used for those who want to get better precision in their work. There are many models and types that you can choose from. You can choose CNC engraving machine for 3 axes or even 5 axes. You can also choose machine with any kind of spindles to work with. You can choose spindles to work up to 4000 rpm to spindles that can help you to work up to 100.000 rpm.

This machine is often used to create precise and details work, with its hardness material, this machine will help you to create high quality work. The design is created specifically to meet your requirement. The machine is also totally easy to use, and you will soon know how to use this machine after you have read some manual instruction from this product. CNC engraving machine with ISO 25 spindles is created with strict quality control to meet your needs and your requirement.

This machine has various types and models with different specifications based on your needs; each of them is specifically designed with high quality material to ensure its quality. So if you want to buy CNC engraving machine with ISO 25 spindles, you can buy this machine from some online stores that available in the internet.
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Choosing benchtop CNC precision milling machine

Benchtop CNC precision milling machine has some types, models, and sizes that you can choose. Milling machine is often used to perform some tasks in industry manufacturer such as shape wood, metal or other solid materials. With its new technology, most of milling machine now is equipped with computer numerical control technology, with this technology; the machine can work with less human intervention.

Benchtop CNC precision milling machine is quite popular in industry field. Milling machine can be used to shape to shape any kind of solid materials such as wood, metal, brass, steel, plastic or aluminum. This machine is quite small, the sizes will save a lot of space. Even if the size is small, this machine can perform many task in industry field.

Most of people often use this machine to do some small production jobs. The machine is quite simple, because it can be relocated and doesn’t require a lot of space. With its technology, this machine is often used by many manufacturers for their lighter productions jobs. The price for this machine is also quite affordable, compare with the benefit that you can get from this machine, buying benchtop CNC precision milling machine is really useful for your smaller productions needs.
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Choosing a good quality CNC cutting machine

There are many models and types of CNC cutting machine that you can choose. Finding a good one is not really difficult. The quality of this machine will be determined by its cutting process.  A good cutting machine will also able to perform bevel cutting, this kind of cutting will let the operator to trim, pare, or reduce the material. 

There are some factors to consider when you want to buy CNC cutting machine, when you want to buy this product from some cutting machine stores, you need to make sure that there are spare parts available. The availability of spare parts is important, when there are some part in your cutting machine that need to be fixed, there is no way that you can fix it, if the spare parts is not available.

A good cutting machine will also able to perform various operations such as drilling aluminum, cutting a shape or routing wooden shapes.  If a cutting machine can do all kind of these operations, at least you know that this product can perform its functions well.  So if you want to buy CNC cutting machine, make sure that you will get it from reputable cutting machine stores.
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VR CNC Milling Software in Use

VR CNC Milling is a Windows based
software package allowing full editing and control of CNC files, either
offline (away from the CNC machine) or online (controlling the
operation of a CNC machine).

The following hardware is required to run VR CNC Milling software.
System Requirements:
Minimum Specification:
• IBM PC or 100 % compatible computers.
• Pentium 120MHz processor.
• 24Mb RAM.
• Windows 95 Operating System.
• Double speed CD-ROM drive.
• Microsoft 100% compatible mouse.
• 10Mb Free hard disk space.
• Colour Monitor running at 800 x 600 resolution with 16bit (High
Colour) graphics.
• SVGA graphics card with 512KB VRAM.
• 1 free serial port.
• 1 free parallel port.
Recommended Specification:
• IBM PC or 100 % compatible computers.
• Pentium 166MHz MMX processor.
• 32 Mb RAM
• Windows 98 Operating System.
• Double speed CD-ROM drive.
• Microsoft 100% compatible mouse.
• 10Mb Free hard disk space.
• Colour Monitor running at 1024 x 768 resolution with 16bit (High
Colour) graphics.
• 3D accelerator card with 4MB VRAM.
• Windows compatible soundcard.
• 2 free serial ports.
• 1 free parallel port.
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More details about CNC milling machine

CNC milling machine is a machine to shape any kind of solid materials such as metal, wood, aluminum or brass. This milling machine is often used in many manufacturing shop. This machine can perform some tasks simple such as cutting, drilling to more complex task such as contouring.  This machine is perfect solutions for any light or heavy industrial work.  There are some models and types that you can choose.

CNC milling machine, as the name suggested, this machine is featured with computer numerical control technology. This technology will make this machine to work with less human intervention.  This machine is quite popular and often used by many manufacturers.  This machine can be used to shape any kind of solid materials with high precision. With its technology, this machine is quite small and can be placed anywhere. With its size, this will also save a lot of space.

Most of manufacturer in industry field often use this machine to perform some small production jobs. This machine is also quite inexpensive compared with the benefit that you can get. So if you have decided to buy this machine, you can get CNC milling machine that available in some online stores.
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Avoid the mistakes by applying CNC code transmission machine controller

To make the machine is more effective, CNC code transmission machine controller is highly recommended to apply. For detailed functions, this controller plays significant role in stimulating the motion of axes, including doing what has been commanded by the operator. Once it’s applied the items which useful for the working loading process work based on their each role. Through this special program as well, the mistakes which probably made by the program are able to be fixed and removed to be replaced by the new one. While in the same time, when the program is doing something right, it’s also reporting as it is.

As long as this controller’s working well, that’s the machine can be trusted professionally. Principally, the work of CNC code transmission machine controller is separating the buffer and motion parts which already owned by the machine. Both of them have been standardized so everything’s relied on the program that’s operated by the operator get along with its each programming’s.

The motion controller is usually placed on the users’ personal computer which’s designed by simpler way since it doesn’t require additional software anymore. The users, even more, can apply t by using the portable device such as USB. When the machine’s provided by the controller, it results are more amazing since the users don’t have to panic for the mistake commands since it can be minimized by CNC code transmission machine controller.


  •  RS-232 -
Recommended Standard 232 (RS-232) is a standard for serial communications connecting between a
PC and a CNC controller.
  • Port-
Serial communications port on PC. A 'port' serves as an interface between the computer and the CNC
  • Baud -
A unit used to measure the speed of signaling or data transfer, equal to the number of pulses or bits per
second: baud rate.
  • Parity-
The condition of the number of items in a set, particularly the number of bits per byte or word, being
either even or odd: used as a means for detecting certain errors.
  • Data-
The Data rate is the number of bits that are conveyed or processed per unit of time.
  • Stop-
The "stop bit" is actually a "stop period" in the transmission of information to the CNC controller.
  • Flow-
In computer networking, flow control is the process of managing the rate of data transmission between
two nodes to prevent a fast sender from overrunning a slow receiver.
  1. Hardware flow control (RTS / CTS)
Flow control can be done either by control lines in a data communication interface RTS (Request To
Send)/CTS (Clear To Send) and DSR (Data Set Ready)/DTR (Data Terminal Ready), which is usually
referred to as "hardware flow control".
  1. Software flow control (XON / XOFF)
Or by reserving in-band control characters to signal flow start and stop (such as the ASCII codes for
XON/XOFF). Common RS 232 control lines are XON/XOFF is usually referred to as "software flow
  • Timeout-
A period of time after which an error condition is raised if data has not been sent or received. If the
software does not acknowledge the message within the preset timeout period, a error is assumed to
have occurred.
  • DNC -
Direct Numerical Control, also known as Distributed Numerical Control, (both DNC) is a common
manufacturing term for networking CNC machine tools. On some CNC machine controllers, the
available memory is too small to contain the machining program (for example machining complex
surfaces), so in this case the program is stored in a separate computer and sent Direct to the machine,
one block at a time. While BobCAD-CAM has the
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Learn how to run the machine by CNC machine programming

Running CNC machine, there are some CNC machine programming should be operated by operator for making sure that everything works well by the time it’s used for working. In general, at least two kinds of axes program, as followed the linear which produce straight stripe while the rotary that’s more rounded. Though they’re all dealt with the operator, the loading of working process is done automatically. Once the machine has greater axes, it’s subsequently called complex machine. Before it’s used for manufacturing, the motion that’s fitted in the machine should be controlled well so it’s able to be run the process of cutting the items.

The CNC machine programming can be successfully regarded once it’s able to replace the working process more than two axes. Instead of that occasion, you need to ask the operator just in case there’s something troubles with the machine. To enhance the performance of the CNC program, there are several items such as Automatic tool changer, Spindle speed and activation, and Coolant which those of them are having each factions while the machine’s processed.

For those who already engaged for quite some times with this machine, doing by their own isn’t big deal. However, those who haven’t yet, please contact the operator who guide you to run the machine, including the uploading the software of the CNC machine programming for better machine to produce the greatest result.
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Setting up a Vise toward a CNC Milling Machine

Indicating the vise of your CNC milling machine vise is included in the most important thing of machining process. To cut the parts correctly, the fixture of work-holding is supposed to be definitely straight. Through digital indicator or a dial, you may get the vise become straight in .0001 from an inch, to result in accurate parts within the machining environment. Therefore, you need a wrench, mallet, and t-bolts. Pleas pay attention to the instructions.

First, clean the table of cnc milling machine vise of all metal chips and debris. It is essential that you clean the table and be flat. Then, use the stone of sanding to remove anykind of rust from your table and also compressed air in getting in crannies and nook to remove the debris which you cannot see through naked eyes. Next, you may place a vise to the table by the jaw plate to face to the front. The vise is supposed to be placed to make the vise C-slots are more than two T-slots corresponding toward the table. Tighten your bolts, then loosen enough to wiggle easily the vise by using one hand, then tap with a wrench or a mallet.

Next, bring in manual way the spindle toward the vice, and leave its bottom one foot from the vise. Then, attach the holder of indicator toward the spindle. You bring down the spindle so the tip would be between the two jaws vise. You move to the back the spindle to allow it pressing against the jaw at the back. Then, spin the indicator bezel to be zero. You may move  yoru spindle from the left to the right. Last, tap your jaw to get the solid zero. You may use the wrench and tighten carefully the jaw as well as re-check the axis of your cnc milling machine vise.
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How CNC machine operator may run the instruction controller

CNC machine operator run the instruction controller by skills to operate the CNC machine. By using task analysis of industry and also strong involvement together with the development partner, the manufacturer of the large global, the operator program of the machine from Amatrol’s CNC brings to focus on streamlined set skills toward the operator training of CNC Machine. A lot of training programs of operators for CNC machine designs the training for machinists designing the machine not to run the machine. 

Therefore the CNC machine of Amatrol Operator Program exclusively concentrates on the CNC modern machine operator run the instruction controller, along with the tasks of maintaining machines as well as recording the data of SPC. It covers the whole skills for the needs of operators, to operate the machine of CNC, setting up the tool as well as the fixture for quality inspection. For development partner of Amatrol, the skills of job ready are critical. The operator program of the CNC Machine is the truly deal- where the students could develop as well as practice skills to be effective in operating the CNC machine through computer. If sometimes you forget turning on the power, you need to find out problems, just like a real job.

Operators of CNC machine should have array skills of being effective on jobs. The operator program of CNC machine from Amatrol trains future operators the hands-on skills for as follows; to perform gauging  and part measurement, to interface with the CNC, to make tooling decisions, to respond to malfunctions of the machine, and to set up and operate the CNC machine. Thus, from this training, the CNC machine operator may run the instruction controller.
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Longer warranty for CNC Lathe machine

Once you’re working for manufacturing business, CNC lathe machine is potentially getting closer to you. Through this tool, you may get the best cutting of the metal working and spinning. It’s really beneficial for the company for producing the rotation axis become an item which is symmetry. The result of this machine is also perfect since there’re not complain about it for any longer time as the users are satisfying the performance of the lathe which can be applied for larger applications, not only for metal.

Its durability of this machine is another excellent result for CNC lathe machine as it’s able to be used for even years in your heavy-metal business. Designed by some specs, this machine owns main spindle which useful for drilling the item with high speed. With that performance, no wonder that many companies are trusting to lathe machine while in the same time they often to get the seller for making its improvement of this used machine.

By the time you buy this product in virtual stores, you may grab huge excitement since the company is usually giving you the best deal of it. Furthermore, longer warranty is offered to you as the faithful customers who have already been taking for granted about CNC lathe machine.
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Guideline on how to choose the used CNC machines

Ready to prove that second hand product is still able to be used well? Now you’ve to see used CNC machines which are offered by many online CNC machine shops preciously. For some industrial companies, buying this kind of machine is highly recommended since they can saver the production expenses that gradually boost profit for their companies. They practically can minimize for buying the production tool for the sake of creating the highest output. Though it seemly isn’t new product, but the shops are likely to guarantee that their products can be still used well since its quality remains to be considered.

Finding the right CNC machine for your manufacturing commerce, you can simpler the way by searching on the e-machine stores which usually provide online catalogues. See the product as well as the price of those machines so you’ve some opportunities to choose. As it’s called used CNC machines, you may bargain its price when you need to do it. For those who knows already about the machine, you may initially check it before deciding to buy it or not. Ask the sellers just in case you’ve privilege to get machine services in next days a head.

Furthermore, make sure you know well how to use the machine as its manual instruction for using it probably isn’t available to you anymore. Hence, it’s better for you to ask the administrator how to function the used CNC machines while some online store have already attached it on the websites.
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Efficient the company expenses trough CNC milling machine

As automated machine for milling, CNC milling machine’s apparently needed by many companies in this world, especially for manufacturing retails. Considered that time flies, many of the companies decide to use the machine for assisting its industrial process instead of the human. Some of them are considering that using the machine will get more a number of results than empowering the human. In addition, they also realized that the use of the machine is saver the companies’ expenses since they don’t have to pay bigger salaries for the human. All they can do is just buying a machine and it’ll result many of benefits for them, both in financially and efficiently.

For applying the machine, the result can be compared as well as it produces in its best quality and result which making the milling is soft. It doesn’t even look like a machine’s output. More than that, the way the machines mills the metal part is really faster so you can efficient your times for making another worthy productions. CNC milling machine is designed to fulfil the needs of manufacturing companies which more accurate. It’ called accurate since its system controlled by the personal computer as well.

This machine is overall easy to use so everyone who needs to work this machine can learn in limited time. Moreover, you may read the manual instruction which usually attached while you buy the machine. Therefore, there’s no doubt of using CNC milling machine as you grab many advantages of it.
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CNC machine as the most helpful for manufacturing business

When you’re working in industrial company, you’ll be surely engaging with CNC machine. CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control which becomes one of sophisticated technology instead of conventional machines. Previously, this machine was useful for creating such complicated working stuffs. Today, the usage of this machine is larger than before since almost many aspects in life have been using this machine for the sake of assisting their professional works. Once you’re becoming employer, particularly on the manufacturing business, you should how to use that machine as you’ll be dealing with that CNC for every single parts of your working.

To operate that machine, you need personal computer which leads you to evaluate and control performance of the CNC machine so you can see detail how the machine gives important roles for its tasks. All you can do is enter some numerical requirements through some ways, as followed incremental and absolute systems. Somehow, you need to make sure the machine is already fit with the PC. Therefore, checking detail before starting the machine is the best option to avoid machine error.

There are pretty differences between the absolute and incremental systems while you run the machine since placement centre which’s used usually by its role model of incremental system is changing always. It’s different with absolute which has fix placement centre to be put as reference. Though, both systems are remaining CNC machine as the most helpful product for manufacturing job.
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CNC machine shop offers you the finest services for your machine

Are you wishing to have qualified CNC machine? Please come and visit to CNC machine shop where gives you many options to choose the machine as your desires.  Follow the global era, you may find easier way to get right products with best deal through ordering them in online machine stores. For those who’re new users of this machine, please don’t get be anxious as the online instruction will be written to you so you can use the machine well without confuse anymore. If you haven’t caught the ball yet, you’re pleased to have online chat with the administrator. You may give some inquiries deal with the machine’s programs and processes.

For some extents, you may get special offer from CNC machine shop which benefits you financially. Don’t get surprised when you obtain cheaper price for buying the machine in online shop while its machine is the first quality product. This best buy is often followed by big discounts so you’ll be more blessed for finding this e-machine shop.

Besides, this place is also offering those who need to service their CNC machines respectfully. If you interested in this treatment, please contact CNC machine shop where is available a lot in website. You’re only asked to send the email, fax, or even chat and get the administrator to see your machines. They’ll be coming within hours for the sake of pre-examining of the machine.
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Warming Up Machine is very important

CNC Program warming up  is very important
In a workshop using cnc machines are very important. for it takes care of very serious cnc machine. One of the things that have to do is "Warming Up". cnc program warming up much needed weeks to initiate activities in cnc machining process. especially when the engine quit in a long time (8 to 10 hours). This is very useful to sustainability cnc machine itself. According to the experience I have gained useful engines warming up the program include:
1. Streamlining the lubrication oil circulation after not circulate (stop)
2. Error check before mass production

    ATC Spindle
    X Y Z - Axis movement
    The flow of coolant

3. Check hydraulic oil for Clamp and Unclamp (clamping function) And much more

Here I give examples of CNC program warming up that I apply in the machine controller Toyosk TVT 313M1 with Fanuc Series 32i Model A


Make sure the movement of 0%, 25%, 50% and 100% (feed rate)
Make sure the first run the program with the command "single block"

If this is done with certain serious age of cnc machine component hardware and software will grow old
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Haas Automation a local dealer in india

The largest CNC machine tool builder in the Western World, Haas Automation manufactures a full line of CNC machining centers vertical and horizontal, CNC lathes, rotary tables and 5C indexers. Haas machine tools and rotary products are built to demanding specifications Gene Haas to provide higher accuracy, repeatability and durability than other machine tools on the market.

Founded by Gene Haas in 1983, Haas Automation has always produced quality products at affordable prices. By relying on volume sales rather than profit per unit to build the company, Haas Automation provides more standard features, high-tech innovations and rock-solid engineering than perhaps any other CNC manufacturer in the world - and at a better price!

Similarly, a glimpse of Haas Automation, Haas Below is a local dealer in India, probably as information only:

Haas Automation a local dealer in india:
  • India - Ahmedabad
73-76 Karnavati Industrial Estate
Sardar Patel Ring Road
Odhav Kathvada Char Rasta
Odhav, Ahmedabad - 382 415
  TEL: (91) 79-32405007
  FAX: (91) 22-27742182
  • India - Bengaluru
No. 430-431, 12th Cross, 4th Phase
Peenya Industrial Area
Bangalore – 560 058
  TEL: (91) 80 4117 9452 / 53
  FAX: (91) 80 4117 9451
  • India - Coimbatore
No. 540/1, Sakthi Eswara Nagar
Near Mahalingapuram Vellalore Post
Coimbatore 641 111
  TEL: (91) 422 2413924 or 5
  FAX: (91) 80 4117 9451
  • India - Delhi Bhiwadi
G 716, Chopanki Industrial Area
Near BKT Tyres
Bhiwadi, Rajasthan - 301 019
  TEL: (91) 93-14226458, 93-14479009
  FAX: (91) 22-27742182
  • India - Haas India - Navi Mumbai
Haas Automation India Headquarters
Plot EL 35
TTC Industrial Area
MIDC, Mahape, Navi Mumbai 400 709
  TEL: +91-22-66098830,61392800
  FAX: +91-22-66098831
  • India - Mumbai
22, Ground Floor, Grow More Tower
Plot No. 5, Sector-2, Kharghar
Navi Mumbai - 410 210
  TEL: (91)22-27742181
  FAX: (91)22-27742182
  • India - Pune
Sub Plot No. 3, Final Plot No. 109 to 111
Ramtekdi Industrial Estate
Hadapsar, Pune - 411 013
  TEL: (91) 20-32935433
  FAX: (91) 20-26820743
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Control Systems Computer Numerical Control ( CNC )

Control Systems
CNC (Computer Numerical Control) is a versatile and specialized form of Soft Automation  and  its  applications  cover  many  kinds,  although  it  was  initially developed to control the motion and operation of machine tools.
The CNC control system is divided into two, they are:

  • Open Loop Systems
Open loop systems do not have access to the real time data about the performance of the system and therefore no immediate corrective action can be taken in case of system disturbance. This system is only applied normally to the case where the output is almost constant and predictable. Therefore, an open loop system is unlikely to be used to control machine tools since the cutting force and loading of a machine tool is never a constant. The only exception is the wire cut machine for which some machine tool builders still prefer to use an open loop system because there is virtually no cutting force in wire cut machining.

  • Close Loop Systems
Feed back devices closely monitor the output and any disturbance will be corrected in the first instance in a close loop system. Therefore high system accuracy is achievable. This close loop system is more powerful than the open loop system and can be applied to the case where the output is subjected to frequent change. Nowadays, almost all CNC machines use this control system.

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Other FUNCTION in CNC System

Modern CNC systems have some specially designed functions to simplify the manual programming. However, since most of these functions are system oriented, it is not intended to discuss them here in detail. The following paragraphs give a brief description of commonly used functions in modern CNC system. The user should refer to the programming manuals of the machine for the detail programming and operation.
  • Mirror Image
This is the function that convert the programmed path to its mirror image, which is identical in dimension but geometrical opposite about one or two axes
  • Pocketing Cycle
Pocketing is common process in machining. This is to excavate the material within a boundary normally in zigzag path and layer by layer. in a pocketing cycle, the pattern of cutting is pre-determined. The user is required to input parameter including the length, width and depth of the pocket , tool path spacing, and layer depth. The CNC system will then automatically work out the tool path.
  • Drilling, Borring, Reaming and Tapping cycle
This is similar to pocketing cycle. In this function, the drilling pattern is pre- determine by the CNC system. What the user has to do is to input the required parameter such as the total depth of the hole, the down feed depth, the relief heigth and the dwell time at the bottom of the hole.
  • Programme repetition and Looping
in actual machining, it is not always possible to machine to the final dimension in one go. This function enables the looping of a portion of the programme so that the portion can be executed repeatedly.

Step for CNC Programming ang Machining

The following is the procedures to be followed in cnc programming and machining. the most important poin is to verify the programme by test run it on the machine before the actual machining in order to ensure that the programme is free of mistake.
  1. Study the part drawing carefully.
  2. Unless the drawing dimension are cnc adapted,select a suitable programme zero point on the work piece. The tool will be adjusted to this zero point during the machine set up.
  3. Determine the machining operetions and their sequence.
  4. Determine the methode af work clamping ( jig and fixtures ).
  5. Select cutting tools and determine spindle speed and feeds.
  6. Write programme ( translate machining step into programme blocks ).If many solutions are possible, try the simplest solution first. It usually longer, but better to procced in this way.
  7. Prepare tool chart or diagram, measure tool geometry (lengths,diameter) and note.
  8. Clamp work piece and set up machine.
  9. Enter compensation value if necessary.
  10. Check and test programme. It is good practice to dry run programme.                                               
  • without the workpiece 
  • without the cutting tool 
  • by raising the tool to safe heigth, If necessary, correct and edit programme and check again.
And than  Start machining.
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Application systems of CNC machines

Some common types of CNC Machine and instrument used in the industry, such as the following:
  • Dilling Machine
  • Industrial Robots
  • Grinding machine
  • Lathe / Lathe
  • Milling / Machining Center
  • Laser Cutting Machine
  • Turret Press and Punching Machine
  • Electro Discharge Machine
  • WireCut Electro Discharge Machine
  • Coordinate Measurring Machine
  • Water jet cutting system
Application systems of CNC machinesCNC machines are widely used in the machining industry, and are best used to generate the following types of product:
  1. Part with complex contours
  2. Small series and short production times
  3. in cases where there would be human error extremelycostly
  4. Parts, which may have several technical changes, such as during the development of a prototype
  5. Parts that are needed in a hurry
  6. Parts, close tolerance and / or good reproducibility
  7. Reqiuring expensive parts and fixtures, when produced on conventional machines
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Programming codes for CNC lathes Machine

Programming codes for CNC lathes Machine are:
  • G00, Motion Positioning
Rapid positioning motion is motion without feeds.
G00 programming format is:
N .... / G00 / X ... .. / Z ... ...
  • G01, linear interpolation motion with feeds.
That is a straight cutting movement in the direction parallel to the axes, or
cutting to form a certain angle (motion interpolation).
The command format: N ... / G01 / X ± ... / Z ± ... / F ...
  • G02 and G03 circular interpolation
G02: clockwise circular interpolation
G03: circular interpolation counter clockwise
(Motion direction / counter-clockwise from the position determined
chisel on a work piece)
Input format: N ... / G02 / X ± ... / Z ± ... / F ...
: N ... / G03 / X ± ... / Z ± ... / F ...
  • G78, Screw cutting cycle
Used for turning threaded longitudinal direction parallel to
axis machines.
Format command: N ... / G78 / X ± ... / Z ± ... / C ... / H ...
  • G84, turning cycle length
G84 is an order turning lathe with chisel-shaped motion
cycle, which include: movement
1: chisel cutting preparation,movement
2: cutting to length, movement
3: cutting edge and the motion
4: return to the starting point begins the movement.
Format command: N ... / G84 / X ± ... / Z ± ... / F ... / H ...
  • G92, Records and Decision Point Zero
G92 is an order of recording and setting the machine zero point
the absolute price programming.
Programming Format: N ... / G92
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How Soft ONE-CNC Organizes CAD Geometry

Entities are the geometric information lowest level. Soft ONE-CNC currently supports the following CAD entities:
  • Lines
  • Arcs
  • Circles
If you use plotlines or CAD blocks to group your drawing data, explode them just before you write the DXF file. Then you can use the undo command to restore the grouped state.
Leads are short straight lines at the start and end of a shape. They are used to avoid directly piercing on the edge of a part. Soft ONE-CNC places leads automatically at the appropriate location of a shape. The cutting cycle is started at the beginning of the lead-in and terminated at the end of the lead-out; thus ensuring that a 'dirty' cut does not ruin the edges of the shapes.

Connectors are straight lines which connect the shapes with each other. The burner head travels along connectors at high speed (fast travel) between cutting and marking. Connectors can be created automatically by Soft ONE-CNC for you.

Shapes contain of a number of connected entities. Shapes may be closed, i.e. the end of the last entity connects with the start of the first entity, or a shape may be open. Closed shapes can be checked for direction of travel, i.e. clockwise or counter clockwise. Open shapes cannot be checked for direction. It is the operator's responsibility to check the shapes. These paths will be deleted from the tool path automatically.
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Nesting and Soft ONE-CNC for Generation of NC Code

You can use a nest the parts manually or third party nesting program. A skilled CAD people can nest the parts efficiently using AutoCAD alone. This manual procedure is often economical if the parts are many different parts and complex of greatly different complexity have to be nested, as it is often the case for shipbuilding.

Open a new drawing for the nest. Place one or more rectangles on the reference that indicates the size of your stock plates. Insert the all blocked parts randomly on the drawing. Nest the parts starting with the larges ones using the move and rotate commends until all parts are nested. You may want to place some parts in through holes, such as small brackets. All entities with outside cuts within a through hole have to be changed to the INSET layer. They cannot contain any inside cuts!

The resulting drawing contains all the required information to produce the NC-Code for a number of parts to be cut from one plate. Before exporting the drawing to a DXF file explode all blocks and plotlines. It is advisable to freeze or turn off all layers that are not required for NC processing. You can save disk space and time by writing just the entities to the file. When prompted by AutoCAD  for  'Number  of  decimal  places/(Entities)'  enter  'E'  ('O'  for  objects  in AutoCAD 13) and select the entities by dragging a rectangle.

Start execution of Soft ONE-CNC for generation of NC code with the following steps:
  •  Generation Æ   Complete path /Marking path/Cutting path for generation and optimization of all paths/marking paths/cutting paths.
  • File Æ Save NC code - for saving CNC code according to preference settings from “Tools” menu
  • View Æ Simulation for checking the tool path.

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Soft ONE CNC Features

Soft ONE-CNC generates NC-code from AUTOCAD “doff” files and TRIBON “gen” files for computer controlled burning machines with plasma gas cutting, arc cutting, laser cutting and other manufacturing applications. Soft ONE-CNC is designed to run in Windows 2000/XP.

The GUI (graphical user interface) makes it easy to learn. A new user can create reliable NC-code within the first ten minutes of using Soft ONE-CNC. Soft ONE–CNC features: 
  • Works like a graphical NC postprocessor for Trion users
  • Read and convert to NC codes instruction of bevel from Trion “gen” files
  • Read and convert to NC codes AutoCAD and other software which can export DXF files.
  • Easy to change bevel codes
  • Separating process entity by colors
  • Export nesting plates to AutoCAD DXF performing different colors and layers for each process
  • All duplicate entities, i.e. identical lines or arcs, are automatically deleted
  • The user allows to set the lead-in and lead-out length independently. You can create NC-code with no leads, lead-ins only or lead-ins and lead-outs.
  • Optimize automatically the complete path from the DXF file for reducing the cutting time process. The each shapes layer are processed from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner.
  • Calculates the processed parts area, minus any holes. Generate a report for the nesting plate with all necessary information for production Simulation on the screen processes.
  • Mark using rapid travel speed
  • Generate marking or cutting path only
  • Allow the user to set-up extension of the output NC files, the input filters, motion settings as well as bevel settings of the resulted file.
  • Works with both standards: G-codes or ESSI with or without bevel

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The Advantage and Disadvantage of Anilam Crusader and 1100 CNC Machine

The lab is equipped with some different CNC mills. To help you choose the right machine for your needs, this article lists the strengths and weaknesses of each of the machines.

Anilam Crusader
           There are two crusader mills in the lab. They are both 2-axis CNC machines. The user interface is primitive and simple with limited capabilities. Canned cycles for simple shapes are available.

  • Simple interface, easy to learn and master 
  • Since it is only a 2-axis machine, you need to specify only the feed rate and toolpath in your CAM program very reliable 
  • Some canned cycles available for various geometric shapes. (spirals, ellipses, etc.)

    • No 3-axis capability 
    • Tool changes and z feed must be done manually. limited bed width (max 12” Y movement). Spindle speed limited to 2800 rpm

      There is one 1100 series 2-axis milling machine. It provides an easier programming interface than the Crusaders.

      • Simple interface, more capabilities than the Crusader series 
      • Since it is only a 2-axis machine, you need to specify only the feed rate and toolpath in your CAM program The canned cycles provided are easy to program directly on the machine. The 1100 has a power feed Z-axis. (manually controlled)
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        The Advantage and Disadvantage of 1400 Series and Maatsura CNC Machine

        1400 Series
                 There is one 1400 series 3-axis milling machine in the lab. It provides z-axis but because of the 3-axis capability more time is required to learn, set-up and operate the 1400.

        • Full 3-axis capabilities
        • The 1400 sees little use and is frequently available, unlike the other CNC machines
        • Controller offers a plethora of capabilities, including “virtually” machining your part before actually cutting
        • CAM-generated programs require Z information, feed rate and tool path
        • Only 5” of travel in the Z direction. This makes including a keyless chuck in your tool set impractical
        • Limited bed width (max 12” Y movement). Interface and setup are more complicated. Tool changes are done manually
        • Spindle speed limited to 2800 rpm
                The Matsuura is more accurate, provides automatic tool change and 3-axis control.
        • Accurate to within +-.0003 inches
        • 3-axis control and tool changes are automatic. Holds up to 20 tools.
        • Spindle speeds up to 6000 rpm. Larger bed size than other CNC mills. Flood coolant.
        A Matsuura license is required before use the machine is permitted. Controller is
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        The Advantage and Disadvantage of Roland CNC Machine

        The lab is equipped with several different CNC mills. To help you choose the right machine for your needs, it lists the advantages and disadvantages of the Roland machines. PRL currently has three 2-axis CNC mills and three 3-axis CNC mills. All of these machines require code to be generated from a CAM program (Virtual Gibbs or Surf cam) and CAD (Vellum, AutoCAD or Solid Works) drawing. You can program at the machine consoles, although this is impractical for complex shapes. Some of the machines have “canned cycles” or preprogrammed shapes such as circles, ellipses, etc. that are very simple to program at the console.

        The Roland Camm-3 Mini Mill is a full 3-axis portable mill. It is very simple and quick to learn.

        Advantages•Spindle speed up to 10,000 rpm, accurate to within +-.01mm. Very simple, easy and quick to learn.
        •Sees very little student use, so it is easy to secure time on the Roland

        •Only plastics may be machined on the Roland.
        •Only holds one tool. To use separate tools you must send separate programs. Always runs DNC - it has no brains onboard.
        •The Roland is metric, so finding specific end mills can be problematic. Small bed for machining ( roughly 7x20” ).
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        G-Codes Come from CAM Program

        G-Code programming is a simple language and very robust. G-codes are what CNC Machines run on. A CNC control program processing the G-code line by line and send this information to the machine. Then the machine takes this information and makes precise movements.

        The G-Code comes from the CAM program. When you process your design in your CAM program you pick out various machining parameters and inputs. You match it up with the CNC Machine the part will be run on and then Post-Process. Then you CAM program spits out very precise G-Code for your machine and your part. You will need to go through the CAM process again if you make changes to your design.

        • Post Processors 
        A post processor is a way of specifically you CAM Program will process the design. There are standard and custom ones. If a standard one doesn’t work, most good CAM Software gives the option to customize the post processor to fit the needs.

        • Canned Cycles
        There are G-Codes that do pertain to Canned Cycles. The Canned Cycles is targeted toward beginner to intermediate CNC Learners.

        • The Big G-Code List
        What comes next is a listing of what each g-code means. You will need to be familiar with your own CNC Control Software, CAM Program, and CNC Machine to determine if they have changed something. 
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        The Future of G-Code and M-Codes

        The Future of G-Code and M-Codes
        The G-code future is in jeopardy. There are changes to try to create a new standard. The new standard where you can go straight from CAM or CAD right to the CNC machine.

        Basically this is an attempt to try to eliminate a step in the CNC Process. Others have tried to eliminate or update G-code before. Its simplicity has won out, so far.  It has survived.
        What are M-Codes?
        M-Codes are other codes that are throughout in the CNC Program. Think of them like the lesser cousin of G-Codes. M-Codes are generally very specific to the machine. For instance, “M03” might stand for “Torch Off” on a CNC Plasma Cutter. It also stands for “Spindle Turn Clockwise” on a CNC Mill or CNC Router.

        • M0 - program stop
        • M1 - optional program stop
        • M2 - program end
        • M3 - turn spindle clockwise
        • M4 - turn spindle counterclockwise
        • M5 - stop spindle turning
        • M6 - tool change
        • M7 - mist coolant on
        • M8 - flood coolant on
        • M9 - mist and flood coolant off
        • M26 - enable automatic b-axis lamping
        • M27 - disable automatic b-axis clamping
        • M30 - program end, pallet shuttle, and reset
        • M48 - enable speed and feed overrides
        • M49 - disable speed and feed overrides
        • M60 - pallet shuttle and program stop
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        CNC System of Input Device

        One of a CNC system is Input Device, they including: 
        • Floppy Disk Drive
        Floppy disk is a small magnetic storage device for CNC data input. It has been the most common storage media up to the 1970s, in terms of data transfer reliability, speed, storage size, data handling and the ability to read and write.

        • USB Flash Drive

        A USB flash drive is a rewritable and removable portable hard drive with compact size and bigger storage size than a floppy disk. Data stored inside the flash drive are impervious to dust and scratches that enable flash drives to transfer data from place to place. In current years, all computers support USB flash drives to write and read data that make it become more and more popular in CNC machine control unit.
        •  Serial communication
        The  data  transfer  between  a  computer  and  a  CNC  machine  tool  is  often accomplished through a serial communication port.   International standards for serial communications are established so that information can be exchanged in an orderly way. The most common interface between computers and CNC machine tools is referred to the EIA Standard RS-232.
        • Ethernet communication
        Due to the computer technology advancement and the drastic reduction of the cost of the computer, it is becoming more practical and economic to transfer part   programs   between computers and CNC machines via an Ethernet communication cable.
        • Conversational Programming
        Part program can be input to the controller via the keyboard.  Built-in intelligent software inside the controller enables the operator to enter the required data step by step.
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        Instruction Types of CNC

        Instruction Types of CNC
         A line of G-code file can instruct the machine tool to do one of below instrctions.
        • Movements
        The basic motion for a controller is to move the tool along a linear path from one point to another. Some machine tools can only do this in XY, and have to accept changes in Z separately. Some have two further axes rotation to control the orientation of the cutter, and can move them simultaneously with the XYZ motion. Currently 4 and 5 axis machines have become popular. The 2 additional axis allow for the work surface or medium to be rotated around X and Y. For instance, a 4-axis machine can move the head of tool in XY and Z directions, and also rotate the medium around the X or Y axis, similar to a lathe. This is called the A or B axis in most cases.
        • Drilling
        A tool can be used to drill holes by pecking to the swarf out. It can be used to cut screw threads using an internal thread cutting tool and the ability to control the exact rotational position of the tool with the depth of cut.
        • Drilling cycles
        A drilling cycle is used to repeat tapping operations or drilling on a workpiece. The drilling cycle accepts the parameters list of about the operation, such as feed rate and depth.
        •  Parametric programming
        A recent advancement in CNC interpreters is support the logical commands, known as parametric programming. Parametric programs incorporate on both these logical and G-code constructs to create a syntax and programming language similar to BASIC.
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