Soft ONE CNC Features

Soft ONE-CNC generates NC-code from AUTOCAD “doff” files and TRIBON “gen” files for computer controlled burning machines with plasma gas cutting, arc cutting, laser cutting and other manufacturing applications. Soft ONE-CNC is designed to run in Windows 2000/XP.

The GUI (graphical user interface) makes it easy to learn. A new user can create reliable NC-code within the first ten minutes of using Soft ONE-CNC. Soft ONE–CNC features: 
  • Works like a graphical NC postprocessor for Trion users
  • Read and convert to NC codes instruction of bevel from Trion “gen” files
  • Read and convert to NC codes AutoCAD and other software which can export DXF files.
  • Easy to change bevel codes
  • Separating process entity by colors
  • Export nesting plates to AutoCAD DXF performing different colors and layers for each process
  • All duplicate entities, i.e. identical lines or arcs, are automatically deleted
  • The user allows to set the lead-in and lead-out length independently. You can create NC-code with no leads, lead-ins only or lead-ins and lead-outs.
  • Optimize automatically the complete path from the DXF file for reducing the cutting time process. The each shapes layer are processed from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner.
  • Calculates the processed parts area, minus any holes. Generate a report for the nesting plate with all necessary information for production Simulation on the screen processes.
  • Mark using rapid travel speed
  • Generate marking or cutting path only
  • Allow the user to set-up extension of the output NC files, the input filters, motion settings as well as bevel settings of the resulted file.
  • Works with both standards: G-codes or ESSI with or without bevel

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