The Advantage and Disadvantage of 1400 Series and Maatsura CNC Machine

1400 Series
         There is one 1400 series 3-axis milling machine in the lab. It provides z-axis but because of the 3-axis capability more time is required to learn, set-up and operate the 1400.

  • Full 3-axis capabilities
  • The 1400 sees little use and is frequently available, unlike the other CNC machines
  • Controller offers a plethora of capabilities, including “virtually” machining your part before actually cutting
  • CAM-generated programs require Z information, feed rate and tool path
  • Only 5” of travel in the Z direction. This makes including a keyless chuck in your tool set impractical
  • Limited bed width (max 12” Y movement). Interface and setup are more complicated. Tool changes are done manually
  • Spindle speed limited to 2800 rpm
        The Matsuura is more accurate, provides automatic tool change and 3-axis control.
  • Accurate to within +-.0003 inches
  • 3-axis control and tool changes are automatic. Holds up to 20 tools.
  • Spindle speeds up to 6000 rpm. Larger bed size than other CNC mills. Flood coolant.
A Matsuura license is required before use the machine is permitted. Controller is

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