How Soft ONE-CNC Organizes CAD Geometry

Entities are the geometric information lowest level. Soft ONE-CNC currently supports the following CAD entities:
  • Lines
  • Arcs
  • Circles
If you use plotlines or CAD blocks to group your drawing data, explode them just before you write the DXF file. Then you can use the undo command to restore the grouped state.
Leads are short straight lines at the start and end of a shape. They are used to avoid directly piercing on the edge of a part. Soft ONE-CNC places leads automatically at the appropriate location of a shape. The cutting cycle is started at the beginning of the lead-in and terminated at the end of the lead-out; thus ensuring that a 'dirty' cut does not ruin the edges of the shapes.

Connectors are straight lines which connect the shapes with each other. The burner head travels along connectors at high speed (fast travel) between cutting and marking. Connectors can be created automatically by Soft ONE-CNC for you.

Shapes contain of a number of connected entities. Shapes may be closed, i.e. the end of the last entity connects with the start of the first entity, or a shape may be open. Closed shapes can be checked for direction of travel, i.e. clockwise or counter clockwise. Open shapes cannot be checked for direction. It is the operator's responsibility to check the shapes. These paths will be deleted from the tool path automatically.

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