CNC System of Input Device

One of a CNC system is Input Device, they including: 
  • Floppy Disk Drive
Floppy disk is a small magnetic storage device for CNC data input. It has been the most common storage media up to the 1970s, in terms of data transfer reliability, speed, storage size, data handling and the ability to read and write.

  • USB Flash Drive

A USB flash drive is a rewritable and removable portable hard drive with compact size and bigger storage size than a floppy disk. Data stored inside the flash drive are impervious to dust and scratches that enable flash drives to transfer data from place to place. In current years, all computers support USB flash drives to write and read data that make it become more and more popular in CNC machine control unit.
  •  Serial communication
The  data  transfer  between  a  computer  and  a  CNC  machine  tool  is  often accomplished through a serial communication port.   International standards for serial communications are established so that information can be exchanged in an orderly way. The most common interface between computers and CNC machine tools is referred to the EIA Standard RS-232.
  • Ethernet communication
Due to the computer technology advancement and the drastic reduction of the cost of the computer, it is becoming more practical and economic to transfer part   programs   between computers and CNC machines via an Ethernet communication cable.
  • Conversational Programming
Part program can be input to the controller via the keyboard.  Built-in intelligent software inside the controller enables the operator to enter the required data step by step.

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