G-Codes Come from CAM Program

G-Code programming is a simple language and very robust. G-codes are what CNC Machines run on. A CNC control program processing the G-code line by line and send this information to the machine. Then the machine takes this information and makes precise movements.

The G-Code comes from the CAM program. When you process your design in your CAM program you pick out various machining parameters and inputs. You match it up with the CNC Machine the part will be run on and then Post-Process. Then you CAM program spits out very precise G-Code for your machine and your part. You will need to go through the CAM process again if you make changes to your design.

  • Post Processors 
A post processor is a way of specifically you CAM Program will process the design. There are standard and custom ones. If a standard one doesn’t work, most good CAM Software gives the option to customize the post processor to fit the needs.

  • Canned Cycles
There are G-Codes that do pertain to Canned Cycles. The Canned Cycles is targeted toward beginner to intermediate CNC Learners.

  • The Big G-Code List
What comes next is a listing of what each g-code means. You will need to be familiar with your own CNC Control Software, CAM Program, and CNC Machine to determine if they have changed something. 

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