The Future of G-Code and M-Codes

The Future of G-Code and M-Codes
The G-code future is in jeopardy. There are changes to try to create a new standard. The new standard where you can go straight from CAM or CAD right to the CNC machine.

Basically this is an attempt to try to eliminate a step in the CNC Process. Others have tried to eliminate or update G-code before. Its simplicity has won out, so far.  It has survived.
What are M-Codes?
M-Codes are other codes that are throughout in the CNC Program. Think of them like the lesser cousin of G-Codes. M-Codes are generally very specific to the machine. For instance, “M03” might stand for “Torch Off” on a CNC Plasma Cutter. It also stands for “Spindle Turn Clockwise” on a CNC Mill or CNC Router.

  • M0 - program stop
  • M1 - optional program stop
  • M2 - program end
  • M3 - turn spindle clockwise
  • M4 - turn spindle counterclockwise
  • M5 - stop spindle turning
  • M6 - tool change
  • M7 - mist coolant on
  • M8 - flood coolant on
  • M9 - mist and flood coolant off
  • M26 - enable automatic b-axis lamping
  • M27 - disable automatic b-axis clamping
  • M30 - program end, pallet shuttle, and reset
  • M48 - enable speed and feed overrides
  • M49 - disable speed and feed overrides
  • M60 - pallet shuttle and program stop

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