Learning CNC with CNC Machining Center or Turning Center

Almost all CNC using companies have at least one turning center or machining center. If you are not versed fully with its usage, it’s likely that you’re not taking full advantage of what these sophisticated machines can do. These two courses teach CNC machining center and turning center usage from the ground up using the proven key concepts approach.

The CNC principles are best introduced and learned during discussions of manual programming (also called G code programming). Concepts like program zero assignment, compensation, motion types, and special features are easy to master at G code level. Yet many CNC people that use CAM (computer aided manufacturing) systems avoid G code level programming like the plague. Or worse, they have never been exposed to it. All CNC people should have a good working knowledge of G code - especially if program changes must be made during a program’s verification regardless of how you develop programs. It produces is like using a calculator without understanding basic arithmetic using a CAM system without understanding the G code level programs! It is the chance to get up to speed!

While the key concepts can be applied to any CNC turning center or machining center, all specific examples are given in the format for the Fanuc control, the industry standard for CNC. Fanuc is so popular that many control manufacturers claim to be Fanuc-compatible including Haas, Yasnac, Mitsubishi, and Hitachi.

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rekha grinding said...

There are many different types of CNC Turning machine tools used in industry, such as; Mills and Machining Centers; Lathes and Turning Centers; Drilling Machines

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