Instruction Types of CNC

Instruction Types of CNC
 A line of G-code file can instruct the machine tool to do one of below instrctions.
  • Movements
The basic motion for a controller is to move the tool along a linear path from one point to another. Some machine tools can only do this in XY, and have to accept changes in Z separately. Some have two further axes rotation to control the orientation of the cutter, and can move them simultaneously with the XYZ motion. Currently 4 and 5 axis machines have become popular. The 2 additional axis allow for the work surface or medium to be rotated around X and Y. For instance, a 4-axis machine can move the head of tool in XY and Z directions, and also rotate the medium around the X or Y axis, similar to a lathe. This is called the A or B axis in most cases.
  • Drilling
A tool can be used to drill holes by pecking to the swarf out. It can be used to cut screw threads using an internal thread cutting tool and the ability to control the exact rotational position of the tool with the depth of cut.
  • Drilling cycles
A drilling cycle is used to repeat tapping operations or drilling on a workpiece. The drilling cycle accepts the parameters list of about the operation, such as feed rate and depth.
  •  Parametric programming
A recent advancement in CNC interpreters is support the logical commands, known as parametric programming. Parametric programs incorporate on both these logical and G-code constructs to create a syntax and programming language similar to BASIC.

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