Intelligent computer numerical control unit

The new control unit for CNC machining centres - milling, drilling and operations like drilling is shown on Figure. It has the capability of learning and intelligent, automated generating of NC part programs on the bases of neural network, which is built-in into a

The neural network for milling, drilling, reaming, threading and operations like this have learned to generate NC part programs in system for learning, which is not a constituent part of a new CNC control unit, and works independent.
The new control unit then completely automatically, without any intervention of the operator, on the bases of a CAD model of a part, generate NC part programs for different products, which are designed for the production on CNC machining centres and for which previously NC part programs have not been done.
CNC control unit consists of a modified microcomputer, which includes a module for decoding and a module for manual input of commands, which are mostly of technological nature (feed rate, revolution speed, switch on/off of cooling liquid etc.). Computer includes also the internal interface, which has the function of data transmission from the NN device into the position memory.


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Hey.. its interesting..Computer numeric control it is a new thing that i'm hearing about..

Numerical Control said...

@Diamond: thank you for visiting, I hope this can be useful

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