Setting up a Vise toward a CNC Milling Machine

Indicating the vise of your CNC milling machine vise is included in the most important thing of machining process. To cut the parts correctly, the fixture of work-holding is supposed to be definitely straight. Through digital indicator or a dial, you may get the vise become straight in .0001 from an inch, to result in accurate parts within the machining environment. Therefore, you need a wrench, mallet, and t-bolts. Pleas pay attention to the instructions.

First, clean the table of cnc milling machine vise of all metal chips and debris. It is essential that you clean the table and be flat. Then, use the stone of sanding to remove anykind of rust from your table and also compressed air in getting in crannies and nook to remove the debris which you cannot see through naked eyes. Next, you may place a vise to the table by the jaw plate to face to the front. The vise is supposed to be placed to make the vise C-slots are more than two T-slots corresponding toward the table. Tighten your bolts, then loosen enough to wiggle easily the vise by using one hand, then tap with a wrench or a mallet.

Next, bring in manual way the spindle toward the vice, and leave its bottom one foot from the vise. Then, attach the holder of indicator toward the spindle. You bring down the spindle so the tip would be between the two jaws vise. You move to the back the spindle to allow it pressing against the jaw at the back. Then, spin the indicator bezel to be zero. You may move  yoru spindle from the left to the right. Last, tap your jaw to get the solid zero. You may use the wrench and tighten carefully the jaw as well as re-check the axis of your cnc milling machine vise.

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