Step for CNC Programming ang Machining

The following is the procedures to be followed in cnc programming and machining. the most important poin is to verify the programme by test run it on the machine before the actual machining in order to ensure that the programme is free of mistake.
  1. Study the part drawing carefully.
  2. Unless the drawing dimension are cnc adapted,select a suitable programme zero point on the work piece. The tool will be adjusted to this zero point during the machine set up.
  3. Determine the machining operetions and their sequence.
  4. Determine the methode af work clamping ( jig and fixtures ).
  5. Select cutting tools and determine spindle speed and feeds.
  6. Write programme ( translate machining step into programme blocks ).If many solutions are possible, try the simplest solution first. It usually longer, but better to procced in this way.
  7. Prepare tool chart or diagram, measure tool geometry (lengths,diameter) and note.
  8. Clamp work piece and set up machine.
  9. Enter compensation value if necessary.
  10. Check and test programme. It is good practice to dry run programme.                                               
  • without the workpiece 
  • without the cutting tool 
  • by raising the tool to safe heigth, If necessary, correct and edit programme and check again.
And than  Start machining.


Amara said...

I like to learn cnc programing. which softwear need to run writen program on pc?

Numerical Control said...

Many options for application software cnc programs, such as CADCAM, FASTCAM etc.

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